After moving to Oregon in the early 80’s...

To study at the University of Oregon and pursue a promising track career, James Carney fell in love with Oregon; from the Mount Hood backdrop, to the beautiful Manzanita coastline, to a very special, elegant yet fruit-forward Pinot Noir particular to the region.


Nearly 20 years later,

James partnered up with one of his oldest friends and fellow wine lover Susan Weeden to start Carden Cellars, with the vision of creating a wine that would surpass even his best memories of that first glass many years ago.


Carden also brought in one of the most highly-acclaimed winemakers in the Pacific Northwest - Tony Rynders

Tony Rynders, and Carden’s first handcrafted vintage resulted in 92 and 90 point wines, both from the Wine Spectator.


And a few years later...

James’ wife Danielle, a former lawyer from London, joined the team as head of sales and marketing. As a result, the Carden team is now very much a family business driven by a passion for great wine and uncompromising quality.